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A directory of all the web links relevant to Ubuntu Synergy and the related projects. Selected products and services, carefully curated and sorted alphabetically. (Revenue generating links!)

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The ZaGenie Suite

No matter where in the world you are, nor what you do for a living, anyone can prosper with Ubuntu Synergy. Understanding that I am, because we are. Together“. It’s easy with an experienced guide. Get organized and be more productive. Realize that it’s time to live your life! Become a true global village citizen and discover how to travel~live~work~anywhere. Avoid airport complications and fly privately, relax on luxury yachts and use smarter transportation. Earn extra income, while supporting various causes: mentor children, rescue cats and dogs, giving them a second chance. Help find sanctuary for distressed horses and donkeys. Liberate circus animals by clearing out zoos. Stay in homes away from home and enjoy luxury cruises. Learn how to become financially independent by working with ethical partners. Associate with people who have mastered the art of living freely ~ Join the Club.


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